Update 614 Source Date: 4-2-010

    owner death
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    Update 614 Source Date: 4-2-010

    Post  owner death on Mon Oct 04, 2010 5:19 am

    Hello Players We gonna go to a new source 614!!!

    We gonna opload this source this week.
    We are now coding in the server.
    We have:
    1 all portals work
    2 autocast
    3 new magic
    4 npcCombat
    5 fully veng+give veng
    6 home is edge
    7 over the 30 commands
    8 normal players dont need to use admin panel
    9 and more more more more!!!!

    This source is coded by terrorist=BEST CODER Very Happy
    Idee from owner death Very Happy
    I HOPE ALL GO JOIN AND ALL LOVE IT!!! bounce affraid cheers

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